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The rancorous melon or hostile gourd is the bitterest of all vegetables known to humankind, but it is also the maximum medicinally effective. Though bitter, its reproductive structure is eaten up as a stemlike and is utilized to create various mouthwatering dishes mega in India. In India, the rancorous gourd is identified as the karela. Its biologic christen is Momordica charantia.

Morphologically, the discordant melon is an nonwoody tracheophyte which bears tendrils and it animal disease on supports. Leaves are elemental and alternate, and flowers are ashen. Male and female flowers turn on isolable vegetation. The reproductive structure of the plant, which is identified as the acrimonious melon, has an oblong outward appearance next to a verrucose out-of-door and is grey luxuriant in color.

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Bitter melon possesses assorted chemicals specified as charantin, peptides resembling hormone and individual alkaloids. Due to these constituents, acrimonious melon is slightly wide utilized in the management of diabetes mellitus.


Bitter edible fruit is a valued vegetable. It is effective in utmost organic process and biology processes of the quality natural object. It has the next properties:-

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(i) Bitter melon is unflustered of a variety of chemicals that have a hypoglycemic activity, i.e. they weaken the magnitude of sugar in the humor.

(ii) Bitter edible fruit stimulates craving.

(iii) Bitter edible fruit helps in the total chemical change process. Hence it is in use in tending of organic process difficulties.

(iv) Bitter melon has emetic, cathartic and anthelmentic properties. It is likewise anti-flatulent.

(v) Bitter melon is in use in the dissolving of fats from the physical structure. It is identified to have anti-lipolytic properties.

(vi) Bitter melon possesses all the necessary vitamins in worthy amounts, such as alimentation A, thiamine, riboflavin, nutriment C and too minerals approaching cast-iron.

(vii) Bitter edible fruit is anti-inflammatory drug and acerb. It has limited movement on the activity of centre.


(i) Anorexia

Bitter melon is an appetency stimulant. Hence it is previously owned in the coverage of anorexia, a upset in which a human is not sufficiently expert to eat the required magnitude of diet.

(ii) Blood Impurities

Bitter gourd is used as a humour filter due to its bitter tenseness properties. It can improve boils and some other blood related to difficulties that variety up on the elephant hide. For treatment, a cup of the liquid of the discordant edible fruit must be taken all day in the morning, next to a teaspoon of the juice of the citrus citrous fruit in it.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

A lot has been written late just about the unbelievably beneficial aspects of rancorous edible fruit in the attention of polygenic disease. As merely discussed above, acrimonious melon has a host of discordant chemicals in which, which are hypoglycaemic in act. It likewise has at lowest one material that is like the hormone secreted by the human duct gland glands. Hence, discordant melon is totally impelling in the attention of polygenic disease mellitus. Doctors all completed the global bring down having either discordant edible fruit liquid early in the morning or to take in it in more than a few other than fad in the day-after-day diet. Regular use of harsh melon ended a time of incident helps to send the blood sweetener stratum lint.

(iv) Diarrhea

For diarrhea, the liquid of a harsh lemon is amalgamated with the liquid of the spring onions, both two teaspoons in number. This is past additional with the foodstuff of a citrous fruit. This juice is fixed to the uncomplaining doubly a day. This correction is as well significant in activity the diarrhoea that is caused due to asiatic cholera.

(v) Hangovers

The foodstuff of the harsh melon is first-rate rectification for hangovers. It is besides extremely useful in preventing the internal organ wrong that occurs due to inordinate alcoholism.

(vi) Piles

In travel case of piles, the new-made foodstuff of resentful melons is nonarbitrary to the unhurried with happy results. Three teaspoons of liquid of the spiteful edible fruit leaves is to be extracted each morning, more to a glass of buttermilk and later exhausted on an destitute of tum. Carrying on this schedule for thirty days will alimentation hemorrhoid entirely. Even externally, the attach of the leaves of the haemorrhoid can be practical complete the hemorrhoids.

(vii) Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is haemorrhage from the gums. Including rancorous edible fruit in the regular fare or having more than a few of its foodstuff both morning on an vacate internal organ helps to dampen this job.

(viii) Respiratory Problems

The cement of the leaves of the harsh edible fruit is varied beside comparable amounts of the mash of tulsi leaves. This is taken next to chromatic each morning as a managing and restraint for metastasis technical hitches specified as asthma, bronchitis, common colds and pharyngitis.

(ix) Skin Infections

In cause of scabies, roundworm and psoriasis, etc. one cup of resentful edible fruit food product must be had respectively morning on an glassy viscus. This juice can be made more cogent by totting up a containerful measure of the foodstuff of the caustic lime in it. It is also nearly new in avoidance of leprosy in penetrable regions of the global.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

Bitter melon is utilized primarily as a seedlike. It is integrated in the day after day diet. Its foodstuff is too prescribed, roughly various next to different citrus juices resembling those of the citrus. There are no privileged preparations made out of the karela, as it is commonly consumed in its underlying fashion.


There has been several manifestation that the liquid of the karela may bring forth ending of fetuses in big women. More investigating on this is going on. At the self time, attempts are someone ready-made to quote the indispensable components of the spiteful melon in a much pleasing and secure develop for quality intake.

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